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Motorised Roller Blinds

Remote control Roller Blinds custom made in Perth

Our most popular motors for Roller blinds are battery operated.

Motorised Roller blinds are now extremely common in Perth. Technology has improved so much over the last decade and now we are able to control blinds using a smart phone, use rechargeable li-ion batteries, solar power for your rechargeable blind motors, easy to use remotes and almost silent motors.

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Li-ion Battery motors for Roller blinds

Our Li-ion motors can move up to 5kg of blinds effortlessly and only need recharging roughly every 6 months to give an estimate. Recharging is simple and anyone can use the remote-control system with its simple button configuration.

Motorised Roller Blinds Features

  • Levelling Control

  • Simple limit setting and adjustment

  • Favourite position

  • 3 operational speed settings available

  • 2-way RF communication

  • Rechargeable built in Li-ion battery

  • Optional Solar powered charger

Wired motors for Roller blinds

Our wired motors are a cost-effective option running on just 240v. Once installed by a licenced electrician they really look after themselves.

  • Levelling Control - Allows you to quickly level a group of motors to same position

  • Simple Limit adjustment from the remote control

  • Favourite position setting from the remote

  • 3 motor speed settings allow for quieter operation

  • 2-way RF communication allows users to see the shade position on the Pulse App

  • Suitable for narrow applications 380mm or more

Smart phone-controlled blinds

Bi-directional Communication  
Two-way radio control gives you immediate feedback showing shade positions and motor battery health relayed via the smartphone app. Not looking at the app? A notification will alert you if a motor requires recharging.

Efficient Programming
ARC™ technology allows you to use your smartphone app for remote-free motor setup, no need for a handheld remote. ARC™ makes it easy to connect, configuring and readjust settings for your motorisation system using the Setup Wizard guiding you through the installation process. Some functions include Limit Setting, Favourite Shade Position and three Speed Settings. The Levelling Control allows precise positions of multiple shades to ensure perfect alignment and configuration.

Take advantage of the full features ARC has to offer with Automate PULSE. Whether you are at home or away you can accurately control your shades via the animated interface on your smartphone. Bi-directional communication allows you to visualise the exact positioning of your internal and external shades whilst also allowing you to check the battery health of your wire free motors. Getting started is simple via the easy to follow setup wizard. Create rooms, set timers & scenes for optimum comfort and allow Automate PULSE to take control. Installers can also take advantage of the convenient remote free setup to efficiently set motor limits with their smart phone.

Remote control PUSH5

The Automate Push series fuses luxury and functionality in a well-crafted, minimal design. The 5 channel remote features soft tactile rubber buttons that can control 5 individual or 5 groups of shades, as well as an “All” button that conveniently activates all programmed channels. The Push5 is available in two premium finishes – Gloss White and Matte Black.


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