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Upgrade your home while saving money with low interest rates

Now interest rates are at record lows and people are paying less for their mortgages, it’s a good time to invest in your home to increase equity and improve your lifestyle. It looks as if Perth interest rates will stay on hold or drop further if anything and It’s any-ones guess where Perth house prices will go in the next few years.

But one thing is for sure, the better your home presents the more likely your home would sell. In turn the sooner your house receives an offer to purchase the less money spent on marketing, time wasted on home opens and stress of reducing the price as your house sits on the market.

Upgrading the blinds in your home to motorized roller blind and or timber shutters will not only improve the image of your home but have multiple other advantages. Shutters and roller blinds are relatively easy to clean and very easy to operate.

Maybe its time to invest in your biggest asset (your home).

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