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How to increase property value when buying new blinds

When looking to purchase new blinds for your home or business, its wise to consider how the new blinds will increase the value of your property. Blinds are usually purchased as a solution to a problem e.g. to stop the light and heat, for privacy and/or to improve the look of a room. But if the best advise is given when purchasing new blinds they will also increase the value of your property and increase your equity. Shutters and even roller blinds especially if motorized will more likely be a positive purchase financially from a real estate point of view as they are appealing to majority of people and will enhance the look and functionality of any room.

Shutters could be the key to a higher property value?

Shutters are of course more costly than a simple venetian blind, but they will last three times longer, are easy to clean, have no strings, chains or cord, completely child safe, PVC shutters are washable, easy to open and close and are framed into the window or sliding door recess.

Why choose Remote control roller blinds?

Remote control roller blinds not only make life easier, but make your property more attractive to potential buyers if for sale in turn increasing the value of your property. Adding motors to your roller blinds is simple too and doesn’t cost as much as you may think. The key to increasing your property value with any blinds is to

understand what will help your property sell quickly, avoiding it sitting on the market for a long period of time and potentially dropping in price costing you thousands of dollars.

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